ABC Challenge

I don’t even have a character name beginning with X. Instead of sweating over it, I randomly decided on a scene from another of my sci-fi books. Solaris is a prequel to my Lone Wolf Series.

Wil Vanlipsig works on a contractual basis for the Mining Guild. From time to time, he’s called upon to handle Dirty Jobs. A Galactic Marine, for longer than he cares to remember, he’s also been an assassin, and the instigator of more than one rebellion.

This time, he’s ordered by Emmelia Spenser, Chairman of the Mining Guild’s Board of Directors, to find and terminate her uncle, Ambrose Spenser. He’s behind more than one tragic debacle. The horrific disaster on Solaris, is the latest in his bloody repertoire. Over forty people, mostly women and children, dropped into a bottomless sink hole.

Wil has gone to find a contact of his, Santa, who is an interrogation…

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