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character-quotes-imageJust call the boys Buster and the girls Blossom,” Jeff suggested when he walked in. “I had a devil of a time remembering all their names after awhile.”

Seems to me, you called us all John and Sylvia,” Sylvia remarked with a grin.

I did that too. Sylvia One, Two, Three and Four. John A, B and C. And the funny thing is, they answered.” Shaking his head, he chuckled.

Confusing when we got to school,” Lyle said, helping himself to some grits.

Where are your siblings?” Cymbeline asked him.

Round and about. They ate before they came over. Sylvia and I have a longer drive,” he explained to the guests. We come over from Hattiesburg. The others live in Natchez, or here in Miracle.”

“Do you bring all your children?” Polly asked.

“A few, the older ones. The younger ones go with their…

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