ABC Challenge

Yes, this is the second time I’ve used this book. Partly, because I don’t have many books with K titles (4, as it so happens), but mostly because one of the new characters I introduce in this book, has a name that begins with a Y.

Yktobo is an interesting character. Full blooded Kahlea Thinker, he is inherently evil. However, long association with Champion Mai’s people, has mellowed him a little. Not that he’s nice, far from it. There are few creatures more viscous and heartless, than the Kahlea. Yktobo has been training Champion Mai in advanced fighting techniques, expending a great deal of psy energy. He knows this can be sensed by Zoiathula, the Grand Master Kahlea Thinker, which is a large part of his motivation to train her.

In a Faraway Galaxy

Zoiathula heaved his grotesque and gargantuan bulk into a more comfortable position and tasted the psyonic…

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