ABC Challenge

For the last time, I am futzing with the names a little. Obviously, once more, no book with a Z name. However, in The Power, the same book as Aliya, her other half is named Zebulon.

Zeb belongs to a community, not far away, nearly all of whom have The Power. Zeb was banished a few years ago, and has been traveling around like Aliya, taking out evil. This time, though, he miscalculates and gets himself caught by the vampire nest, which Aliya has sworn to destroy. This scene occurs just after the one I presented for Letter P.

I sit outside the school, waiting. Not spotted yet, I decide to call attention to myself. My plan won’t work unless I’m inside.

“Ben,” I call out softly. “Ben, where are you?” I stumble around for effect. I see as well in the dark as the creatures I hunt.

Suddenly, I’m…

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