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Character Quotes image“There are lights over there!” The wounded female Marine, Joyee, pointed excitedly, straining her wounded shoulder. With a gasp, she dropped her arm, grasping it tightly with her other hand and held it firmly to her chest.

Kaz hopped forward, scanner at the ready. Having been reluctant to go on this trip in the beginning, he was certainly enjoying this discovery. He hardly seemed to notice Ray’s restraining hand, but when he tried to take another step and pulled up short, he looked down at the offending member.


Ray sighed patiently. “Kaz, we don’t know what’s over there. We go in a group, check it out together, got it?”

Kaz looked embarrassed. “Yes sir, I got carried away by the moment. It won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t, Marine, I don’t want to lose you to your own enthusiasm.” A punch on the arm let Kaz know Ray…

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