ABC Challenge

I have never written ghost stories, or horror, because I scare myself. Yes, it’s silly, but I can’t help it. So, when the idea for this paranormal story came to me, I was a bit surprised. It’s set in my made up town of Miracle, Mississippi, where strange things happen all the time. In fact, weird and spooky are kind of the norm there. I have a series of stories already set in Miracle, so some of those characters came calling on Miss Cymbaline and her family, during the Pilgrimage. Neil, Brian, Heath and Miles are members of a group who help protect humanity from evil. They’ve heard about the strange things going on at Cymbaline’s house, and come to visit.

Neil rose, turning to Lyle. “I need you to introduce me to the family. I need to speak to Polly’s mother immediately.”


Beg pardon,” Isla said…

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