ABC ChallengeOn the world of Shakazhan, dreams can come true. Not just good ones. The people have incorporated what they call Dream Warriors to fight in the dangerous Dreamscape. It’s not for the faint hearted, because to die in a dream means real death. The War Lord’s daughter, Mariah, and her betrothed, Leo, walk in the Dreamscape every night, fighting against the evil there. Seasoned adult warriors in a dream, Leo and Mariah are, in reality, less than five years old.

“What do we face tonight, love?” Leo asked softly, resting his cheek on her hair, kissing her curls gently.

“Another siege takes place,” she replied, turning to face the landscape below. “The Picidaem are holed up in a cave about thirty clix to the north. Dreamers have them surrounded, but can’t seem to penetrate their defenses.”

He chuckled, hugging her. He imagined a pair of powerful binoculars and gazed steadily…

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