Dellani Oakes

Sidetracked is over. A little different from my usual fare, but I hope that you enjoyed it. The next story I intend to share, is Alton and Velda – a fantasy. It’s also different from my usual books, and I hope you enjoy it, too. I had fun writing it.

Alton & Velda is set in a more Medieval world. Alton is a Wood Sprite, and Velda is a River Nymph. They travel the world, seeking a place to call home. On their journey, they meet Astrid and Revanth—a princess and a man cursed to be a horse. They set out together to find the witch who cursed him, and set him free. Sounds pretty straight forward—it’s not. Alton & Velda begins Wednesday, May 15.

alton and velda cover


Alton shrugged, stepping back from the perilous edge. If Velda said she could handle it, he wouldn’t argue. If his travels…

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