Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerAlton gasped, stepping back. It was Velda’s turn to steady him, as he nearly lost his balance. Laughing, the blue haired woman admired the person standing before her. The hair was a tousled mess of dark auburn curls pulled back in a braid. No plait could hold the springy mass for long. Being under a metal helmet had done it no good at all. It stood out like a halo of dark and frizzy copper.

“You’re a girl!” Alton said. He couldn’t have been more shocked if he’d found her naked. “Yet you wear armor. You pose as a knight! How can this be?”

He strode forward, but Velda caught his arm before he could attack the young woman.

Dark golden eyes met his moss green ones, proud head rising defiantly. The girl was pretty in an angular, too slender way. She hadn’t eaten or slept well for some time…

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