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Heirs of Shakazhan front

“What if,” Marc pinched his lower lip. “What if we are just not smart enough for this. Maybe we need the children.”

“You’re joking, surely!” Vik was somewhat offended by Marc’s statement. “None of us are idiots! You make us sound like simpletons!”

Marc held up a strong, beefy hand to quell further comments. He shook his head, fighting off Vik’s anger.

“Listen! We know that Mariah and Duncan, my boys and Sadhana aren’t like normal children. Duncan’s Kahlea and Mariah might as well be. Those kids know more than we do about a lot of things. It could be that they can figure this mess out for us.”

“That’s crazy!” Vik was unrelenting. “I refuse to believe mere children could be of any help.

To him children were children. He found it impossible to consider anything else. Even though he had seen the VanLipsig children in action, he couldn’t…

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