Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerIn pursuit of Revanth and his kidnappers, the three companions come across a home by the river. The man who lives there claims that his wife and daughters have all committed suicide by drowning themselves in the river.

Velda took the bow from the man’s trembling hands. Alton touched the furrowed brow. The man’s face softened, the terror gone. He didn’t fall asleep like Astrid, but his pain and fear left him. Alton took his crossbow from Velda, disengaging the firing mechanism.

“It’s taken nearly all my kin.”

“The women,” Velda specified.

He nodded. “My father, sons and brothers have seen our women die—carried off and drowned. This river is a curse—but it’s our home. And the one place we feel close to our women. My mother left when I was young. My wife let the river take her right after our daughter was born. My sisters followed shortly after…

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