Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerAlton finds Revanth and sees to it that the thieves are punished. After a night in the stable, Revanth feels better, and the two make their way back to the women. They meet three naiads at the river. They bring messages from the women. Alton realizes that one of them is blind.

Why hadn’t he noticed before? There were legends of blind naiads—they were said to know the future.

“He is your spirit brother,” she stated. “Revanth and Alton—wood sprite and man-horse, united on their quest.”

“And what is this quest you speak of?” Alton demanded.

“You think it’s to find and kill the witch, Eleion.”

“But you say it isn’t.”

“I know it isn’t—not entirely. You wish for a home, Alton. A place to live in peace and raise your children.”

“Wood sprites and naiads can’t have children together—”

She raised a finger, halting him once more. “Are you…

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