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“I can’t accept this contract.”

“If you don’t, they come after you.”

“If I take it and fail, he’ll kill me.”

“So you die either way. Make your choice.”

Valkyrie considered. If she took the job, told Wil, he could escape and get a step ahead of the next assassin. They’d kill her in any case. But she suspected she was already pregnant and protecting her child was utmost in her mind. There was something special about this child. Something wonderful. Wil was the only person who could help and protect her. He’d do it, not because they were old friends, but because of the child.

“I’ll do it, but it will cost the Consortium extra.”

“How much?”

“Triple the usual fee. This one won’t be easy. The risk is too great. I get two thirds up front.”

“I’m prepared to offer you half before and half after.”

“Don’t be…

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