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Two pairs of soldiers went to the catwalks that spanned the perimeter of the dome. They checked the body of the sniper.

“He’s toast,” Dark Moon reported. “Nicely done, Jade.” She deftly stripped the body of weapons and equipment.

“Where is everyone?” Hawk asked. “This is insane. One sniper for the entire base?”

“Don’t say it,” Jade cautioned.

“Say what?” Tweak asked. He fiddled with his equipment, watching the scanner’s readout avidly. “Man, it’s awfully quiet.”

Dark Moon punched him. “She said not to say it.”

“She didn’t say what not to say!”

“What was that? Sort of a clicking sound.” Aria, another team member on the catwalk, held up her hand for silence.

“Not funny,” Hawk said.

“No, listen.”

The world exploded nearly in her face, the force of it knocking her off the catwalk. Her body flopped on a turnstile, landing at an unnatural angle. Her partner, who had…

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