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character-quotes-imageBefore disconnecting, Wil stared directly into her eyes. The black, glittering orb of his right eye and the silver pupil of his cyber eye bored into hers making her shiver.

“Emme, there’s a chance I’ll have to get my hands bloody on this one.”

“Wil, I’ve never asked how you do what you do.”

“I mean….” He looked away from the monitor, closing his eyes a moment before turning back. “Ambrose has been an ambitious thorn in your side far too long. He is capable of anything. Much as I like his dedication to a goal, too many people would suffer if he got your job. It’s time, Emmelia. Ambrose has to die.”

“Wil, I can’t! He’s the only family I have left!”

“Emme, do you think for a second he’d let that stop him?”

“He’s not tried to kill me before.”

“Not for nothing do I keep a few…

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