Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageWil unwrapped some trail food and gave it to her. Wrinkling her nose at the unsavory looking, pinkish gray, pulpy rectangle, she glanced over at the cooking fire with longing. A savory odor of some sort of stew filled the air.

“Whatever they’re fixing smells delicious. I wonder what it is.”

“I don’t think we had better try their food, baby. They’re silicon based. I very much doubt their diet would agree with us.”

“I hadn’t thought about that.” She took the dehydrated trail food reluctantly, breaking off a piece and adding a little water before trying to chew. Biting in, she shuddered.

“Strawberry Beef Supreme? Ugh! Who thinks of these things?”

Wil took his own package, nibbling experimentally at the corner. “Marc and I developed theories over the years, none confirmed you understand. First was that they simply do the combinations at random. Second was that they spend an…

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