Character Quotes from Alton & Velda by Dellani

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alton cropped“My lass,” Alton said quietly. “Man or stallion, I fear we’re all the same in some respects. Some behave a wee bit better than others, but we’re all wild and lusty at heart. Though I’m sure he’s a good man—when he’s a man—the chances are that he’s had his share of sport.”

“While I saved myself, waiting for you?” Astrid shoved the horse’s head away. “Don’t even try all that prettiness on me now,” she fussed. “Thank you, milord Alton, for opening my eyes.”

Alton sighed. “Lady Astrid, he’s just being a man. Find forgiveness in your heart, I beg you. I don’t want him stabbing me in my sleep when he retakes his own form.”

Velda giggled. “It’s not the end of the world,” Velda assured Astrid. “Why, VeldaAlton has had many women since we’ve known one another.”

“Are you married or engaged?”

Velda smirked. “Engaged, of sorts.”


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When Tis Done – Part 46

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverAfter Brian leaves, Neil feels a strange vibe in the air. As he closes up the house for the night, he sprinkles holy water. Still not satisfied, he gets out the blessed salt and cumin, lining the doors and windows with it. Cynthia feels a little odd, too, so she’s just as glad to see him doing it.

Snuggling up against Neil, Cynthia fell asleep. He lay in bed, listening to the night, exploring the noises. They may not be entirely familiar anymore, but he remembered the sound of the woods, the trickle of the stream behind the house, the wind in the trees, the scattering of leaves and pine straw. The clack of heels on the wooden deck….

That wasn’t an ordinary outdoors sound. That was a typically human sound. The clack was followed by something dragging and clumping. Suddenly alert, Neil eased away from Cynthia, reaching into the…

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When Tis Done – Part 44

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverBrian and Jordan are talking with Heath about what happened with Jian, when he happens to call Jordan my woman. She takes offense and gets angry with him. Having had enough confrontation, he walks out and heads home, just as his parents are arriving.

“Honey, that was harsh,” Heath said as he watched Brian leave.

“What? You think I’m his possession, too?”

“That isn’t what he meant. You’re promised. And even if you weren’t, he’s crazy about you.”

“But he’s all about owning me! That’s not the first time he’s said it.”

Her father hugged her, kissing her on top of the head. “You have to understand how a man thinks. It’s not ownership, but love that makes him talk like that. You own that boy, body and soul. Think about that before you take offense.” He went to the door to greet Miles and Maribelle.

“Was that my…

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When Tis Done – Part 43

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverAt Jordan’s house, they talk about the encounter with the Fēngs. He tells her that Jian was interested in her, in a more than friendly way. After dinner, they sit down to study Jordan’s math and she tells him that her brothers are coming for Thanksgiving.

“It will be good to see everyone. I like your family. They’re really wonderful people.”

“Thank you. We like to think so. Of course, Jenna will prepare turkey for those of us who like to partake. Mom allows meat at three meals: Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Otherwise, strictly vegetarian.”

“Yeah, I know. But she’s still a hell of a cook.” He held Jordan’s chair for her before sitting down. She used to protest that, but the rug made the heavy chairs hard to scoot in. “So, do you think you’ll stick with that when we’re married? Are we going to be a vegetarian household?”

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Character Quotes from A Tisket A Tasket by Dellani

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character-quotes-imageA Tisket A Tasket is book 4 in my Miacle, Mississippi series.

You really liked my cake?” Jordan asked.

No. Hated every bite. That’s why I had four slices,” Brian teased.

Her playful smack with a pillow was hardly a surprise. That was Jordan’s way of expressing irritation. Sometimes, the attacks were much more violent and playful. This time, at least, she recognized that he was teasing.

Four? Hope it doesn’t give you a bellyache.”

Not a chance. Not when my baby made it.”

Oh, please—gag me with a spoon!”

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When Tis Done – Part 42

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverJordan invited the new students to go for ice cream, but it went badly. Jian is decidedly interested in Jordan, and Brian wasn’t happy about that. When Jian grabs his sister’s hand in a painful grip, Jordan steps in, doing the same thing to him. Later, she and Brian are talking about the incident.

“Because she’s scared of something. And because he’s a jerk. I’m not sure he’s the one she’s afraid of—entirely. There’s a shadow around her. Didn’t you see it?”

Brian shook his head. “I was too busy being battered by Jian’s bad vibes. We had a moment when he told me about his father’s pottery business, then he focused on you and asked if you had a sister who liked Asians.”

“Is that what you got so angry about?”

“You didn’t see the look on his face. Like he wanted to eat you, in a totally non-cannibalistic…

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Character Quotes from Playground by Dellani

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playground-front“Are you prepared to grant this petition, Lord Sazabo?”

He shifted his enormous, boulder like body, looking very uncomfortable. “I am. Conditionally.”

Lena frowned, her body stiffening with suppressed anger “There can be no conditions placed, you twice damned lanthanum lump! I’ve seen it, it must be. It is the only way.”

“You have said many times that what you see can be altered by our actions, isn’t that so?”

Lena nodded. “What you’re cleverly leaving out is the second part of that statement, rock boy.” She was being purposely inflammatory, and Wil could only wonder why. “But, when more than one vision is seen with variables and the same outcome, then….”

“Then that is the way of things.” Sazabo didn’t look happy.

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Among the Shine Clan – Part 11 by Dellani

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Fiddlestix asks to see the cyber warriors on the video feed. Alarmed, she sees that they are getting updates from their controller. Insisting that she be taken to their location, she wonders why the area wasn’t better protection. Sadly, it was, and all the men are dead.

The cyber warrior was inside, working the consoles quickly. He paid no attention to them. Deacon aimed and fired at the creature’s head. His bullet ricocheted off the skull casing, narrowly missing Fiddlestix. The cyber soldier turned slowly, eyeing him with a bland expression. Smiling cruelly, it bared sharp, metallic teeth, advancing on Deacon slowly, haltingly. It was then that Fiddlestix noticed it was damaged. The dead men had not died without a fight. The creature could hardly move. Cyber-hydraulic fluid leaked from a half dozen wounds. A puddle had gathered underneath him.

With a flick of her thumb, Fiddlestix’ communicator went back…

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When Tis Done – Part 41

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverJordan meets the Fēngs and invites them to go get ice cream. She takes Lien around, leaving Jian and Brian together. The two boys aren’t happy with one another’s company, but find that they have a little bit in common after all.

“I’d like to see his shop sometime,” Brian said, glad to have something to talk to the other boy about that wasn’t full of resentment.

“He is very secretive, but perhaps he can be persuaded.”

“I don’t want to invade his privacy. I’m simply interested. If I weren’t learning woodworking, I’d learn that. Just there weren’t any potters around until now.”

Jian flashed a quick smile. “I will speak to him.” He watched his sister with Jordan. “She is a very kind person,” he said, lifting his chin at Jordan. “Have you been dating long?”

“We’ve known one another two years, dating for just over one.” His smile…

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When Tis Done – Part 40

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverAfter school, Brian meets Jian and Lien Fēng at the debate club. Lien seems to like him, but Jian doesn’t. After the meeting is over, he confronts Jian to find out why the other boy is angry with him.

Jian’s lips twitched and a shy smile flickered. “My sister has a way of making friends instantly. She’s never met a stranger. Walk in a group like this, she’s everyone’s best friend when she leaves. She instinctively attaches herself to the alpha male.”

“And you think that’s me.”

Jian shrugged, shaking his head. “Aren’t you? You walk in like you own the room. Everyone listens when you speak.”

Brian was surprised. He’d never considered that before. He knew he’d changed from the shy freshman he was three years ago, but had no idea it was so much.

“Wasn’t my intention to offend,” he apologized, bowing slightly. “We’re all equal around here.”

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