Character Quotes from Alton and Velda by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-imageA soft breeze caressed her cheek, leaves whispered in the wind. She heard Alton’s voice in the cadence of the leaves, assuring her they were nearby. She smiled and set about making tea. Moments later, the pair of them came into the camp. Alton was wet, Revanth laughing in his horsey way.

“The river and I came to a disagreement,” Alton said as he gave Velda a damp kiss. “It very nearly won, but Rev pulled me out before it got the better of me.”

The horse snorted again, flicking his damp tail.

“All right, I damn near pulled him in with me, but we’ve brought fish!” Alton held up a string of silvery river perch.

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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter Z from The Power by Dellani


ABC Challenge

For the last time, I am futzing with the names a little. Obviously, once more, no book with a Z name. However, in The Power, the same book as Aliya, her other half is named Zebulon.

Zeb belongs to a community, not far away, nearly all of whom have The Power. Zeb was banished a few years ago, and has been traveling around like Aliya, taking out evil. This time, though, he miscalculates and gets himself caught by the vampire nest, which Aliya has sworn to destroy. This scene occurs just after the one I presented for Letter P.

I sit outside the school, waiting. Not spotted yet, I decide to call attention to myself. My plan won’t work unless I’m inside.

“Ben,” I call out softly. “Ben, where are you?” I stumble around for effect. I see as well in the dark as the creatures I hunt.

Suddenly, I’m…

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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter Y from The Kahlea by Dellani


ABC Challenge

Yes, this is the second time I’ve used this book. Partly, because I don’t have many books with K titles (4, as it so happens), but mostly because one of the new characters I introduce in this book, has a name that begins with a Y.

Yktobo is an interesting character. Full blooded Kahlea Thinker, he is inherently evil. However, long association with Champion Mai’s people, has mellowed him a little. Not that he’s nice, far from it. There are few creatures more viscous and heartless, than the Kahlea. Yktobo has been training Champion Mai in advanced fighting techniques, expending a great deal of psy energy. He knows this can be sensed by Zoiathula, the Grand Master Kahlea Thinker, which is a large part of his motivation to train her.

In a Faraway Galaxy

Zoiathula heaved his grotesque and gargantuan bulk into a more comfortable position and tasted the psyonic…

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Character Quotes from Death Comes to Call by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-imageJust call the boys Buster and the girls Blossom,” Jeff suggested when he walked in. “I had a devil of a time remembering all their names after awhile.”

Seems to me, you called us all John and Sylvia,” Sylvia remarked with a grin.

I did that too. Sylvia One, Two, Three and Four. John A, B and C. And the funny thing is, they answered.” Shaking his head, he chuckled.

Confusing when we got to school,” Lyle said, helping himself to some grits.

Where are your siblings?” Cymbeline asked him.

Round and about. They ate before they came over. Sylvia and I have a longer drive,” he explained to the guests. We come over from Hattiesburg. The others live in Natchez, or here in Miracle.”

“Do you bring all your children?” Polly asked.

“A few, the older ones. The younger ones go with their…

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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter X from (I Got Nothin’) by Dellani


ABC Challenge

I don’t even have a character name beginning with X. Instead of sweating over it, I randomly decided on a scene from another of my sci-fi books. Solaris is a prequel to my Lone Wolf Series.

Wil Vanlipsig works on a contractual basis for the Mining Guild. From time to time, he’s called upon to handle Dirty Jobs. A Galactic Marine, for longer than he cares to remember, he’s also been an assassin, and the instigator of more than one rebellion.

This time, he’s ordered by Emmelia Spenser, Chairman of the Mining Guild’s Board of Directors, to find and terminate her uncle, Ambrose Spenser. He’s behind more than one tragic debacle. The horrific disaster on Solaris, is the latest in his bloody repertoire. Over forty people, mostly women and children, dropped into a bottomless sink hole.

Wil has gone to find a contact of his, Santa, who is an interrogation…

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Character Quotes from The Man Who Wasn’t There by Dellani Oakes

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The Man Who Wasn't There“But why Brian?” Jordan asked. “Couldn’t any of us perform the same ritual and have the same result?”

Cliff Finley shook his head. “I’d have to do some research, but I’m pretty sure it has to be him. A variety of reasons, not the least of which is, he’s the Dreamer.”

Brian rolled his eyes, putting his head on the table, nearly in his plate. “Did I mention that I really hate being the Dreamer? That I hate all of this? Why can’t I just be some normal, stupid teenager who makes mistakes and decisions that don’t involve people getting killed—or buried alive—or dancing naked?”

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Wil VanLipsig, the Most Sarcastic Man I Know by Dellani Oakes

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sassy-sarcasmAdmittedly, many of my characters are extremely sarcastic. I’m sorry (well, not really) they are related to me, after all. It can’t be avoided, surpassed or denied. I’m not ashamed of their scathing wit and sarcastic communication. In fact, I like it. I feel at home there.

One of the most sarcastic of all my characters is Wil VanLipsig, the Lone Wolf. Wil is a genetically enhanced Galactic Marine. Although he is 86 years old when Lone Wolf begins, he doesn’t look a day over 30. The doctors on the enhancement team had tried to extend the life span of the Marines. Instead, they stopped the clock. That’s not to say that he can’t be killed, but he’ll make a very youthful corpse.

I can’t even talk about Wil without being sarcastic. See what he does to me? It’s his fault, I promise you. I’m not nearly as sarcastic as…

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Among the Shine Clan Part 22 by Dellani Oakes

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among the shine clan coverFiddlestix has left the military and is now freelancing as a solo. Her path leads her to Daytona Beach, where she’s sitting in a bar, waiting for something to happen.

As if on an unspoken signal, the three men approached her table, in a non-threatening manner. The bodyguards kept their hands well away from their weapons, moving in to flank the corp. He stopped by her table, asking permission to sit with a gesture of his hand. A sharp inclination of her spiked blonde head indicated he could. Taking a seat on the rickety chair, he leaned across the table in a conspiratorial manner drawing unwanted attention. Fiddlestix pressed her thick soled boot against his seat, pushing it away from the table, tapping his testicles in the process. Getting the idea, he moved back.

“Is there somewhere more appropriate we can talk?” Even his voice was medium range and uninfluenced…

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Character Quotes from Dark Rock by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“Private Armstrong reporting, sir.”

“I’m Hawk. The sultry Asian beauty next to me is Jade. See that woman right there, by herself?”


“That’s your new partner. Dark Moon, keep an eye on the kid, huh?”

The young man crawled over to the woman who had some of Archer’s blood drying on her suit. He dropped on the floor beside her.

“Hiya, Sis.”

“Wait a second. She’s your sister?” Hawk sounded incredulous.

“Yeah. So?” Tweak replied.

“Moon, you cool with this?”

“He’s a crack shot, I taught him myself. He’s a little wacko….”

“All good techs are. Keep him alive, huh?”

“I’ll do my best.”

“Yeah, Mom would get really mad if you let me die.”

“Shut up and do your job.” Dark Moon thumped her brother affectionately on the helmet.

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Alphabet Challenge Too – Letter Treeline Avengers from by Dellani


ABC Challenge

This is another strange direction in fantasy for me. Not exactly Dystopian, it is set after some sort of toxic contamination of the Earth. Because the land was poisonous, people took to the trees. Lulu Talltree, and her village, call themselves Arborists. They live high in the largest trees, building well above the ground.

Some are hunters and explorers. Lulu wishes to be one of these, like her father, but there hasn’t been a female explorer, though many of the original ones were.

Lulu and her brother, Dax, are talking to their friend, Gen, and his daughter, Luster, when something attracts their attention.

Birds startled high up in the trees far to her right. At first, Lulu thought it was because her brother was climbing again, but the disturbance came from another direction. Not too alarmed, she continued home. The birds still hadn’t settled when she walked up to the…

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