When Tis Done – Part 27

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverBrian and Jordan help Neil and Cynthia center themselves, helping Neil relax.

Neil burst out laughing. “I knew some Nam vets who used to talk about hopping out of helicopters with their helmets over their nuts. They said they’d rather get shot in the head than lose their testicles. I’m here to tell you, ladies, I completely agree.”

“You’d rather be dead than lose your balls?” Cynthia said with frown.

“Yes. If I couldn’t make love to you, I’d feel like dying,” he replied, forgetting the teenagers.

Wisely, Jordan said nothing, though she was terribly embarrassed by the conversation. She knew instinctively that Brian felt the same way about it. Her heightened awareness of him also told her that he desired her more than ever. She wasn’t ready to give up that part of herself, though. She had plans and goals. Getting married right out of high school wasn’t included…

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When Tis Done – Part 26

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe other Circle members arrive, but it’s too much for Neil. He heads to the treehouse in the backyard, where Heath joins him. A short time later, Brian and Jordan arrive, sending the others away, while they help Neil relax.

“Apt way to put it. Yes, and yes.” He shrugged when Cynthia glared at him. “Babe, he’s right. I feel strange inside and out. My hair tingles and my teeth itch.”

Brian’s turn to nod. “Yeah. Not to mention the soles of your feet—pins and needles?”

“Yeah. You felt all that, too?”

“The stories I could tell. But that’s not the important thing. What helped, was Lester.” He pointed to the skull. “If I hadn’t had him, I think I would have gone out of my mind. I know that he’s not going to have the same effect on you, because he’s tuned to me, but he will help. When…

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Character Quotes from The Power by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageThe Power is set in post cataclysmic Florida. A tidal wave has wiped out much of the east coast, though the interior and west coast of the state are doing fine. Aliya and Zeb have met quite by accident, though some might consider it destiny. Zeb was peeping at Aliya as she bathed in a pond, and is most chagrined when she catches him.

Aliya tugged his ear, laughing at his discomfort. He could hear her giggling as she gathered her clothing.

“You are very odd, Zeb,” she called from the pond. “Are all men as funny as you?”

“No, I’m the funniest one. I’m freaking hilarious.”

She giggled again. “If you say so.”

The grass rustled behind him and he smelled her scent. Tensing, he waited for her to pass. Her hand clasped his ass for a moment as she walked by.

“Nice—birthmark,” she commented dryly.

“Holy Jesus, you…

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When Tis Done – Part 25

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe morning after the ritual, the other members of the Circle arrive after breakfast. Cynthia knew they were coming, but had forgotten to tell Neil. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to bother him as much.

Neil and Cynthia cleaned up their breakfast and Neil made another pot of coffee. They gathered in the family room, largely devoid of furniture, sitting on the floor like teenagers. All of them were casually, comfortably dressed and were barefoot. Jackie unwrapped a ten inch crystal, putting it in the center of their circle. She set it on a purple cloth and scattered flowers around the base. She gave each of them a small, crystal skull to hold. It seemed to be random, but Neil knew it was anything but that. The bits and pieces he remembered of their powers, and the properties of stones, he made the connections. Cynthia, who controlled earth and air like…

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Among the Shine Clan – Part 10 by Dellani

Cereal Authors

among-the-shine-clan-coverAlthough Fiddlestix and Deacon had a confrontation, they know they must work together. She asks to speak to him privately, as leaders. Once he’s calmed down, he comes to get her. Much subdued, he invites her to go for a walk. She goes with him, leaving Kaz with Harmony, who soon leaves with Jasper to plan their next attack.

Kaz sat quietly at his table, suddenly at loose ends. Several of the Shine Clan women eyed him curiously. Used to the men of their clan, they found the outsider interesting. The most brazen approached him, sitting across the table from him.

“Howdy,” she said quietly. “My name’s Betsy. What’s yours?”

She made conversation very easy and following her to her quarters even more so. Kaz quite decidedly enjoyed Betsy’s style of Southern Hospitality.

Deacon Scott walked beside Fiddlestix, his arm barely touching hers. He’d said nothing since leaving the dining…

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When Tis Done – Part 24

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe morning after the ritual, Neil and Cynthia are getting up for breakfast. Turns out, he’s a peppy morning person and she’s not.

“Dora’s a night person, I’m a morning person. I learned to keep odd hours when I was in the Marines. You have to learn to adapt or you can’t survive. But morning was always my favorite time, even after a long night. I got called Mary Sunshine in bootcamp. Sergeant Pepper gave me that name.”

“He was really named Pepper?”

“Yep. First name, Claude. Like the politician from Alabama.”

She nodded, knowing the name. “So, Sergeant Pepper called you Mary Sunshine….”

“Yeah. He told me later, after I’d made Sergeant myself, that he’d had high hopes for me. He was a Master Sergeant by that time. I really looked up to that man.”

“Is he still alive?”

Neil chuckled. “And kicking probie ass. He’s training for the…

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When Tis Done – Part 23

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe ritual is a success, and Neil and Cynthia are inducted into the Circle. Once that’s done, the party begins.

Chase cleared his throat. “Excuse me, Auntie. Inappropriate subject matter for young ears.”

Cynthia laughed, swatting him. “I’ll be as inappropriate as I like.”

Jackie came up with a worried frown on her face. “Has anyone seen Dora? I can’t find her.”

Neil looked around quickly, checking the crowd for his sister. Suddenly, he had a sense of where she was and he relaxed. “She’s gone home. She needed to be by herself for a little while.”

“Oh, sure. I hadn’t thought of that. What she must be going through. It would be like losing him all over again.”

Soon, the party wound down. Brian and Jordan put the fire out, smothering the flames by taking the air from it. Neil was impressed to see that the wood hadn’t been…

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Character Quotes from Death Comes to Call by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageDeath Comes to Call is a step in a different direction for me. Not only are the main characters in their 70s and 80s, this is a ghost story. I don’t mean it’s a horror story, though it does have its chilling moments. Cymbeline Davis-Hargrove is a true lady of the Old South. Born and raised in Miracle, Mississippi (a small town near Natchez) she has lived in her ancestral home her entire life. Her children were born and raised here as well. There have been tales that the old place is haunted, but there’s never been any inkling of trouble, until now.

“The tour guides dress in period clothing as well. They have a lot to say—most of it factual. They do love to glorify the ghosts,” Cymbeline said.

“Ghosts!” Bessie gasped, her hand flying to her throat.

“This plantation is said to be haunted. I can’t say I’ve…

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When Tis Done – Part 22

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverThe Center Circle prepares for the ritual to induct Neil and Cynthia into it. Neil speaks to Dora, to make sure that she’s not unhappy about him taking her place.

“Why did Mom and Dad tell us? Make us anticipate? Didn’t they know how hard it would be not to be chosen?”

“How would they? I never understood your disappointment. I tried, but there was so much to absorb right after, I lost myself in that. And along the way, I lost you. Only Cliff and Heath clung to you, kept you close. Then we had kids, and I was so busy with them, and working…. I missed you so much. If we hadn’t had our dream chats, I think I would have lost my mind.”

“You and Cliff kept me sane. I felt it, too,” he admitted quietly. “I didn’t tell Cynthia, but I did. I was out on…

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When Tis Done – Part 21

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverAdele inadvertantly upsets Neil, but after he talks to Claude and Heath, he feels better and calms down. He tells Claude he has a migraine, and the other man heals it for him and realigns his aura.

“How you feeling?” Heath walked up.


“You look better. And your aura isn’t as funky-do as it was.”

“That’s a technical term? Funky-do?”

“It is at my house.”

They sat down and discussed various aspects of the ritual. Soon, the women came out with some of the supplies for the ritual, as well as a platter of sandwiches and stone tankards and a pitcher full of some golden, frothy liquid.

“We found Cliff’s mead stash,” Dora said. “He used to make it for Christmas gifts. We forgot this past Christmas….” She blinked hard, gulping. “But it seemed a proper way to say—goodbye.”

They each got a sandwich and a stone cup. Cynthia…

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