Character Quotes from He Thought He Saw ~ A Miracle Mississippi Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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“I can’t believe you guys let them gank me,” he muttered to his friends. “Sellouts.”

Brian chuckled. “Strangely, I’m okay with that appellation. Guys?”

They all agreed with him.

“Cause see,” Andre leaned in, speaking quietly. “When you’re nice to ’em, listen to what they have to say, all that stuff, they get real grateful. And even the most reluctant woman will eventually be less so, if you stay on her good side. So, my friend, if you ever, in this lifetime, wanna get laid before you’re thirty, you’ll shut up and eat the damn food.” He clapped Chase on the shoulder before straightening his tie. “Now, if you will excuse me, my lady love needs my attention.” He strolled over to Louisa, putting his arm around her shoulders as he gave her a kiss.

The younger men watched him with awe.

“I will never been that smooth,” Sweet complained.

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Character Quotes from Among the Shine Clan ~ A Futuristic Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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“What about this lot?” Jasper motioned to the downed warriors.

“They’re not going anywhere,” Deacon assured him.

“Kill them,” Fiddlestix warned him.

“You’re supposed to bring them back, aren’t you?” Harmony asked her.

“The parameters of the mission just changed,” Fiddlestix said. “Take them out, Harm.”

“Yes, Master Sargent.” He chambered a round on his heavy weapon.

Standing a safe distance from the shut down warrior, he emptied his magazine into the control panel at the base of the skull. Reloading, he moved to the other, doing the same thing. “Is that satisfactory, Master Sargent?”

“That’ll about do it. Let’s move out, people!”

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Character Quotes from Dark Rock ~ A Sci-Fi Adventure by Dellani Oakes

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“So we fight them on their turf, on their terms, or we forfeit our home.” Jade put it all in a nutshell and none of them liked hearing it. “Then we have no choice. We fight to the last, kill as many as we can and pray they don’t have friends we haven’t anticipated.”

“How do we kill something we can’t see?” Hawk demanded. “We can’t wait for them to fire first and pray. That’s a good way to end up dead.”

“I have an idea about that,” Jade replied. “The kid and the other techs are running some tests.”

“Yeah?” Eastwood said. “What are a bunch of squints going to do for us?”

Jade frowned at his lack of respect for the techs. Their skills had saved her more than once, she was pro-techie all the way.

“The kid saved our necks,” Hawk replied. He sensed Jade’s growing frustration…

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Character Quotes from Heirs of Shakazhan ~ Book 6 in the Lone Wolf Sci-Fi Series by Dellani Oakes

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“What’s step two?”

“Getting you out of here, of course. You don’t expect to stay here I hope? I really can’t accommodate one of your stature for long. It would interrupt the flow of the environment.”

“In other words, you think I’d steal your glory and they would fail to provide you the necessary level of sucking up that you require.”

Yktobo chuckled, determined not to take umbrage. “Something like that. Actually, having one of the corporeal realm here for long throws it out of balance. I think it has something to do with density, though I am not sure.”

What he meant was that he didn’t wish to put into layman’s terms a concept he felt Wil wasn’t smart enough to understand. Wil let that slide too, he could get the information another day even if he had to come back and whip Yktobo’s ass.

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Character Quotes from The Maker – Lone Wolf Book 3 ~ A Futuristic Romance by Dellani Oakes

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Setting down his duffel, the little man adjusted his uniform. “Emory reporting for duty, Colonel.” Shuffling his feet, he glanced up at Wil who towered over him by nearly two feet.

“No rank or salute for a superior officer?” Ben growled.

Emory’s eyes flickered over toward Ben, complete loathing simmered there. Wil’s gaze lingered on Emory, gauging him. There was something Wil couldn’t place. It caused disquietude.

“Corporal Emory reporting, sir!” He snapped a short, saucy salute with a glare at them all. None of the officers returned his salute and he didn’t look as if he expected them to.

“You were called three days ago, what took you so long?” Wil asked as pleasantly as he could.

“I had some unfinished business I had to take care of, sir.” He made the term of respect as disrespectful as possible. Wil draped a long arm around Emory’s shoulders from which…

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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf ~ A Futuristic Romance by Dellani Oakes

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“How did your lesson go, my dear?”

The old woman grinned. “He did well. Once we have swept away the rest of the cobwebs, he’ll do better.”

Wil rounded on her teasingly. “You make it sound as if my mind were an attic. Cobwebs indeed!”

Her laughter bubbled forth. “Oh, my child, that is an appropriate analogy. I see by your definition of attic, that it’s a large place which holds junk and old possessions. For you, it’s quite appropriate. You have more old junk than anyone I’ve ever seen! You don’t realize that everything you know, all you’ve seen, you remember. You put something aside to forget, instead it settles to the bottom of a box and just grows moldy from disuse.”

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Character Quotes from The Maker ~ A Futuristic Romance by Dellani Oakes

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“Remember our talks about The Timokuan? I want you to recall a time we spoke right after we first started our voyage. You asked about my child, Quick Silver and if we were able to reproduce often.”

Matilda nodded, remembering it well.

“What was it I told you then?”

Voice harsh with unshed tears, Matilda replied softly. “You told me, you choose your time. You decide when to have a child.”

“Yes, and what did I say to you of The Timokuan at that time?”

After a few moments of thought, Matilda answered. “You told me that the Timokuan women could also choose when to have a child. But what has this to do with me?”

“Your anger and frustration keep you from seeing the full picture. Do you fear the Kahlea?”

“You know I do.”

“Do you wish a child?”

“Yes, with all my heart!”

“You fear that if…

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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf ~ A Futuristic Romance by Dellani Oakes

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Patsy was getting more agitated. Wil could see it in her face and a part of him loved it. She was giving him hell and throwing her weight around. Well, she just hit the VanLipsig Wall and it wasn’t about to crumble. He was getting angry and it was making him mean. Marc could see the changes in his face, the volcano was about to erupt.

“Marc, you need to get the lady out of here, for her own safety.”

Wil turned away from them, walking over to check on Matilda. Patsy took two angry steps toward him. That was as far as she got. Wil spun so quickly, she didn’t see him move. His left hand was on her throat, his right above her at an angle. It was a killing move, but he stopped himself.

“Never walk up behind me.”

His tone was cold, hard edged, terrifying. The…

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Character Quotes from When Tis Done ~ A Miracle, Mississippi Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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Pancakes appeared on a plate in front of Neil, decorated with berries and butter. He said his blessing and took his first bite.

“Holy wow, these are delicious. I’ve missed your pancakes, Mama.”

She beamed. “Katie and I made those just for you.”

“Katie’s a cook? Didn’t take after her mama, then.”

Dora giggled, swatting her brother. “I’m a good cook. You should taste my possum supreme pie.”

“Mommy’s teasing. She doesn’t cook possums,” Lucy explained.

“When you were Katie’s age, you burned the pancakes, as I recall,” Neil winked at his sister. “Darn near set the kitchen on fire.”

“You know that was your fault,” Dora countered.

Neil feigned innocence. “Mine? Just how?”

“Cliff was over and the two of you scared the bejeezus outta me! I ran and hid in the pantry.”

“Wasn’t me. All Cliff’s doing.” He took an innocent bite, chewing as silence followed.

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