Introducing Reality Bites ~ A Paranormal Adventure by Dellani Oakes

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As many of you know, I participate in the National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNoWriMo) every November. I try to challenge myself to write things I wouldn’t normally attempt. This year, I set out to do a contemporary fantasy entitled Reality Bites. The main character, Jason Westlake, stars in a Supernatural type show. Fairly new, it’s gaining momentum. After an incident which sends him to the hospital, he starts seeing things he can’t explain. At a fund raiser for his charity, he meets someone he’s never known—his father, Lorne. His dad has a lot to say, most of it somewhat unbelievable.

Reality Bites cover smallThey posed for pictures with him in the middle, an arm around each of them. When it was over, the assistant asked for his name and address.

“Lorne Berger.” He gave an address in Tulsa.

Jason looked as if he’d been tasered. Going pale, he went weak in the…

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Character Quotes from Take a Bite Outta Crime by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-imageA man dressed in a paramedic’s uniform squatted by his side, trying to talk to him. Nothing he said made any difference. The rushing sounded in Kirk’s ears.

“It’s just food!” the young man said calmly. That got through to Kirk.

“Just food! Just food?”

“Oh, hell,” Drea said. “You’ve gotten his attention now.”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” The paramedic smiled up at her, then yelped when Kirk grabbed his collar.

“Not after what you just said. Honey,” she said calmly. “Let go of the nice young man. He didn’t know any better. Sweetheart.”

Kirk had hold of the paramedic’s shirt, dragging him forward, eyes wide, mouth open in a silent scream.

“A burger is just food,” he growled. “French fries drenched in cheap oil, dripping with ketchup. That’s just food! Vegetables sauteed in the purest olive oil, meats braised on a slowly turning spit, roasted peppers tossed with…

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Character Quotes from Death Comes to Call by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“Is it okay if I kiss her—just a little? She’s never been kissed and she—she asked….”

Cymbeline drew herself up, inhaling slowly. “If you were my son, I’d tell you adamantly no.”

His eyes held such longing, she relented slightly.

“You mustn’t push. You must respect her and her wishes and if I have even the least hint you’re going to be—a lewd male, I’ll jerk a knot in your pecker so tight, you’ll spray your own eye when you pee!” She shook her fist at him.

Trip paled, backing away from her. “Kinda harsh, Nan. I just wanna kiss her.”

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Character Quotes from Christmas and a Vampire by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“Why now?” She concentrated on the road, fighting back the sorrow that chilled her heart.

“One of those vampires you killed at my crypt was the daughter of a vampire lord.”

“And you couldn’t share that bit of information with me?”

“I didn’t know until now! I swear to you, I would have warned you, had I known. I didn’t put it together until they attacked us. That Dhampir you slaughtered, was his son.”

“His daughter was a full vampire?”

He nodded. “At her request, I turned her. Then you came along.”

“Dammit! We’re in a pickle. Me for killing them, you for helping me.”

Dirk laughed loudly. “A pickle, Ella? Really? My love, I’d say we are squarely f**ked.”

Rafaela chuckled, then laughed. She couldn’t deny that he spoke the truth. “Mama did try to keep me from swearing.”

“As did mine. It never took.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – part 30

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among the shine clan coverThe road made a sharp turn to the right, heading west instead of south. Spying a downed tree in the road, the team of riders slowed their bikes warily.

“That wasn’t here two days ago,” Dirk reported. “Heads up!” he told his men.

“Fresh cut,” Buzzard reported after sniffing the wind. He scanned the surrounding woods with his goggles. Two red blips appeared just south of the road, high in a tree. Using hand signals, he told the others.

The Harlichs moved into attack formation, fanning out. If two were visible, Dirk was sure there were others who weren’t. On his signal, one of his men took a rocket launcher, aimed and fired into the tree. The explosion set the woods aflame. Both targets fell with a soft thud. Machine gun fire erupted from the ditch to their left, and behind the tree. Bullets zinged past, by some miracle, none…

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Character Quotes from The Maker by Dellani Oakes

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The Maker cover frontThe babies were awake, gazing a little cross-eyed at their Godparents. Matilda held Mickey, crooning over him, making faces and talking nonsense to him. He grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it toward his mouth. Wil held Billy, very deliberately not spewing baby talk.

“I always wondered why adults use baby talk. They must think we’re insane. Would you look at the grip on him?” Marc grinned proudly. “Takes after his old man.”

Wil made a wry face. “Let’s hope he’s smart like his uncle and looks like his mother.”

Marc glared at him. “Wil, if you weren’t holding my son, I’d hit you for that.” He laughed, startling Mickey. The baby cried loudly, soon joined by his twin.

Matilda held him closely, kissing his head. “It’s all right, Mickey, Daddy is a big, loud man, you’re just going to have to get used to that.”

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – Part 29

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among the shine clan coverFiddlestix ran toward the river less than a mile away. There was a special place there she had always gone when she was upset. Her feet carried her there automatically, tears streaming down her face. Collapsing into a heap on the damp bank, she heard footsteps following her, but she did not look up, assuming it was Karl.

“Hey, chica,” Blacksmith’s voice was so unexpected, she stopped crying. “Listen, we gonna go now, or what? The men are asking about you. Let’s get out of here, okay?” He helped her stand up, eyeing her appraisingly. “He meant a lot to you, huh?”

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

His smile was gentle, warm with understanding. “There’s other men out there. Maybe you’ll find another one who’ll treat you right, eh?”

“Do you ever have regrets, Dario?”

“I have many. What kind?”

“Where you wonder what it would have been…

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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf Tales – A Little White Lie by Dellani Oakes

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white lie coverRashima stopped by an ornately carved door which she pushed open quietly. It swung inward revealing a naked, heavy set, old man asleep on a lavish four poster. He was drooling and snoring loudly.

“You could have killed him yourself,” Wil walked over to the bed, wondering what he was going to do with a naked old man.

“Yes, but then no one would have believed that he was dead when you discovered the impostor. I’ll help you carry him out. He’s disgusting, but we can wrap a sheet around his nakedness.” She grimaced slightly at the idea, handling the sheet delicately.

Wil roughly bound Aurialonus in the sheet and hoisted him casually over his shoulder. Turning, he saw the princess eyeing him speculatively.

“All men are not created equal.” She smirked, her eyes lingering on his tight glutes. “I saw him with disgust, but maybe some men are not…

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Character Quotes from Raven Willoughby: Origins by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-imageMovement in the room, woke him. Lying still, he listened as someone walked about. His eyesight, that of a night predator, saw the form easily, picking out details. Dressed in black britches and shirt, a dark cap pulled low over hair and brow, the intruder searched his bag with stealth born of long practice. Attention fully on the bag of his belongings, no notice was spared for the man himself.

Keeping his breathing deep and regular, Raven slid silently to the floor. Creeping up behind the thief, he grasped from behind, pulling the tall, lean body against his.

“I know I didn’t invite you in for a visit,” he murmured, his voice low and lethal. “So, if you’d put my things back, I won’t have to kill you.”

The thief trembled from head to foot. Raven’s fangs descended, slipping from his gums to touch his lower lip. Fear smelled delicious…

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Character Quotes from The Man Who Wasn’t There by Dellani Oakes

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character-quotes-image“Thank you for my dance,” Jordan said. “That was fun. We should do that more often.”

“Sadly, that’s the only dance I know.”

“You know the Peddler dance,” Jordan replied with a smirk.

“Don’t remind me. Not exactly something I can take with me to the Halloween Ball.”

Jordan giggled. “Why not? Teach it to all our friends and we could start our own fad.”

He chuckled. “They’d probably think we were flat crazy.”

“They’d be right about you. Stark raving bonkers, that’s what you are.”

“Not denying it. What’s your excuse?”

“I hooked up with you. Bound to make anyone lose her mind.”

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