Alton & Velda Part 28 by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerAfter a long day’s travel, Alton and Revanth stop for the night. They are attacked by a handful of men, but Alton seems to be taking care of them.

“I can do this all night,” the wood sprite bragged.

The boy struggled to his feet, rushing the wood sprite once more. A knee to the face bloodied him, but didn’t stop him. The third pass, Alton held out his hand, holding the boy by the forehead as he swung useless fists at the wood sprite’s midsection. With another blow to the back, Alton dropped the boy. Stepping carelessly, he put his foot on the young man’s neck, pressing his face into the dirt. He gave a glance at the friends, but they had run away somewhere early on in the skirmish.

“Do you have a death wish?”

The boy squirmed. Alton increased pressure and the wiggling stopped.

“Do you have…

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ABC Challenge Letter V: Valkyrie from Wall of Time by Dellani Oakes


ABC Challenge

The following is from The Wall of Time, which is a prequel to my sci-fi Lone Wolf Series. Although these two have met before, I like this meeting between Wil and Valkyrie. It gives us a feel for Wil’s character prior to meeting Matilda.

Once in the bar, Wil sidled up to the counter, ordered his drink and had a look around at the available women. There weren’t many. It was either too late, or too early, for a good selection and Wil was picky. Being a man who had always been able to selective, he chose carefully. He was strong and quick, but that was no reason why he should put himself in danger by taking the wrong woman to bed. He’d found out, with nearly fatal consequences, how foolish that was.

He had almost made up his mind to go try his luck with a brunette in the…

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Alton & Velda Part 27 by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerThe men have finally reached a huge river, teeming with naiads. He realizes the time is right to use his gift from the old naiad.

Revanth did as he was told. Kicking the fire out, he swung into his saddle, holding Alton’s horse by the reins. Alton took something from the bag, which looked like gravel. Holding it in his hand, he whispered a few words over it, casting it upon the water in as straight a line as he could. A low rumble began, which Revanth didn’t hear, but felt in his teeth. It grew louder, more insistent. As they watched, a line of flat, interlocking, hexagonal stones rose from the water. Stretching nearly halfway across the river, they provided a stable base to walk. The water rose quickly on the other side, but still coursed through the open half.

Alton sprang on his horse, kicking him to a…

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Character Quotes from Solaris by Dellani Oakes

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageBefore disconnecting, Wil stared directly into her eyes. The black, glittering orb of his right eye and the silver pupil of his cyber eye bored into hers making her shiver.

“Emme, there’s a chance I’ll have to get my hands bloody on this one.”

“Wil, I’ve never asked how you do what you do.”

“I mean….” He looked away from the monitor, closing his eyes a moment before turning back. “Ambrose has been an ambitious thorn in your side far too long. He is capable of anything. Much as I like his dedication to a goal, too many people would suffer if he got your job. It’s time, Emmelia. Ambrose has to die.”

“Wil, I can’t! He’s the only family I have left!”

“Emme, do you think for a second he’d let that stop him?”

“He’s not tried to kill me before.”

“Not for nothing do I keep a few…

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – Part 29

Cereal Authors

among the shine clan coverFiddlestix ran toward the river less than a mile away. There was a special place there she had always gone when she was upset. Her feet carried her there automatically, tears streaming down her face. Collapsing into a heap on the damp bank, she heard footsteps following her, but she did not look up, assuming it was Karl.

“Hey, chica,” Blacksmith’s voice was so unexpected, she stopped crying. “Listen, we gonna go now, or what? The men are asking about you. Let’s get out of here, okay?” He helped her stand up, eyeing her appraisingly. “He meant a lot to you, huh?”

She nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

His smile was gentle, warm with understanding. “There’s other men out there. Maybe you’ll find another one who’ll treat you right, eh?”

“Do you ever have regrets, Dario?”

“I have many. What kind?”

“Where you wonder what it would have been…

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Character Quotes from Dark Rock by Dellani Oakes

Cereal Authors


Two pairs of soldiers went to the catwalks that spanned the perimeter of the dome. They checked the body of the sniper.

“He’s toast,” Dark Moon reported. “Nicely done, Jade.” She deftly stripped the body of weapons and equipment.

“Where is everyone?” Hawk asked. “This is insane. One sniper for the entire base?”

“Don’t say it,” Jade cautioned.

“Say what?” Tweak asked. He fiddled with his equipment, watching the scanner’s readout avidly. “Man, it’s awfully quiet.”

Dark Moon punched him. “She said not to say it.”

“She didn’t say what not to say!”

“What was that? Sort of a clicking sound.” Aria, another team member on the catwalk, held up her hand for silence.

“Not funny,” Hawk said.

“No, listen.”

The world exploded nearly in her face, the force of it knocking her off the catwalk. Her body flopped on a turnstile, landing at an unnatural angle. Her partner, who had…

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Character Quotes from Wall of Time by Dellani Oakes

Cereal Authors


“I can’t accept this contract.”

“If you don’t, they come after you.”

“If I take it and fail, he’ll kill me.”

“So you die either way. Make your choice.”

Valkyrie considered. If she took the job, told Wil, he could escape and get a step ahead of the next assassin. They’d kill her in any case. But she suspected she was already pregnant and protecting her child was utmost in her mind. There was something special about this child. Something wonderful. Wil was the only person who could help and protect her. He’d do it, not because they were old friends, but because of the child.

“I’ll do it, but it will cost the Consortium extra.”

“How much?”

“Triple the usual fee. This one won’t be easy. The risk is too great. I get two thirds up front.”

“I’m prepared to offer you half before and half after.”

“Don’t be…

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Alton & Velda Part 23 by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerFinding themselves at a river, Alton and Revanth ask the naiads for help. The women are nieces of Velda’s, understandably a bit hostile with Alton. However, they promise to help the men, if Revanth will agree to mate with them.

“In exchange, we will tell you what we know of the puka, and the lands beyond the hills,” the second said.

“The thing is, ladies….” Revanth cleared his throat nervously. “I’m as good as married.”

“So? This is mating for young. Your almost-wife cannot object.”

“In point of fact, she can, and does.”

“How? She isn’t here. How will she know?” the second naiad said.

The expression in their eyes turned hard, their faces tense.

“We can see how we fare without their help….” Alton began.

“And if no one else knows? Or drives an even harder bargain? Then what?”

Alton said nothing for a moment. His body slumped slightly…

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Alton & Velda Part 22 by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerThe men have vanquished Eleion. Now, they seek the women. Using tears as energy, the women are able to send a beacon to the men, guiding them to their tower.

With a gasp, Astrid sat up, nearly dumping her friend on the floor. “Revanth!” She reached out for him, but the dream faded. She had seen him as the man he’d been; black haired, handsome, well muscled. Her heart fluttered as she settled back, leaning on the wall.

“Sister, is something wrong?” Velda sat up.

“No. I think—I hope—I believe that Revanth has been restored. I don’t know how, but somehow he and Alton have broken the curse upon him. We need to try…. Do you have any magic left?”

“Very little. But I think we need to tap into your own. You are a magical creature, Astrid. If I’m not mistaken, there is a wood sprite or a dryad…

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ABC Challenge Letter R: Raven Willoughby: Origins by Dellani Oakes


ABC ChallengeI mentioned a few weeks ago, with Free Zone, that I would be sharing something from Raven Willoughby: Origins – and here it is! I never thought I’d write a story with zombies, let alone vampires and weres. Not that I don’t like them, I just never felt the genre was for me. So, when this story came to me, I was surprised. As usual, however, I put my own twist on things, and deliver the unexpected.

Raven Willoughby is an unusual man. First, he was attacked by a werewolf, then he was bitten by a vampire. Through some twist of fate, he is now more, or less than, human. Finding that the town he’s in is being attacked each night by the walking dead, he decides that he must do something about it. With his superior stamina and reflexes, he is in a unique position to fight the undead.

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