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the man who wasnt there

The Man Who Wasn’t There is over. The time has come once more, to start sharing another book. I have a third book in the Miracle, Mississippi series, called When Tis Done. It isn’t as polished as the first two, but I’d like to share it anyway.

Brian and the others are just about to start their senior years. Most students would be worrying about what clothing to wear the first day or school, or how they’re going to get their crush to notice them. Brian, Jordan and the others have more important matters on their minds. They’ve been practicing their skills, determined not to be taken by surprise anymore.

Their parents have been teaching Chase’s aunt, Cynthia, to take his father’s place. The problem is, there’s no one around to take his mother’s…. Or is there?

Please note that this book is a tad more mature than the…

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Among the Shine Clan – Part 7

Cereal Authors

among-the-shine-clan-coverFiddlestix has met the leader of the Shine Clan, General Deacon Scott, newly promoted after the death of his father. Though they don’t really trust one another, they have an uneasy truce. Fiddlestix says she’s been sent by General T. H. McLain. The name resonates with Deacon – and not in a good way.

“He used to be one of us,” Deacon sighed. “There was some trouble about twenty years ago between him and our father. He got tossed out on his ass.”

Fiddlestix took in this information without blinking. Her mind clicked into high gear. All sorts of new, unpleasant possible scenarios popped into her head. As she sorted through them, she listened to what Deacon Scott had to say.

“This makes your story somewhat less plausible, Miss Braun.”

Fiddlestix pursed her lips, relaxing her pose. “I’d say it has pretty much the opposite effect, Mr. Scott.” If he…

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Character Quotes from Ben Drexel by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageThis is a prequel in my Lone Wolf sci-fi series and hasn’t got a proper title yet. I simply named it after Ben Drexel, who is the focus of the story.

“I’ll give it to you, Drexel, you sure know how to make yourself f**king popular.”

“It’s a gift, sir.” He couldn’t suppress a slight grin.

The Colonel laughed. “I can’t keep bailing you out, kid. Try to keep a lid on it, huh?”

“Sorry, sir. I don’t know what got into me. He said the wrong thing and I overreacted. I swear, I didn’t think I’d hit him that hard.”

“He’ll be fine, Marine. I’m just glad I was here to talk Captain Hazelrig out of canning your ass. General Trovato doesn’t like his son to be mistreated.”

“I suppose that’s true of fathers in general,” Ben said.

“I dunno, mine was pretty sure I needed a good beating,”…

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A Thank You from Dellani

Dellani Oakes

The Kahlea frontI want to thank all of you who have been following my Miracle, Mississippi books. I’ve gotten a great response! As a token of my appreciation, I wanted to share an excerpt from my upcoming sci-fi book, The Kahlea. This is Book 4 in my sci-fi series.

The Shakazhan Force has grown and is stronger, but they are still in need of help. Timokuan warriors from all over the galaxy have responded to the Maker’s call, but there still aren’t enough of them to fight off the Kahlea. Wil must turn his attention inside the planet, calling upon the residents of the artificial environments deep within the labyrinthine passages below. To this end, he calls upon experts in caving, linguistics and science to explore for him.

Kaz (Kazinski) is their unwilling caving expert. Claustrophobic in the extreme, he forced himself to explore underground, taking every specialty course the Galactic Marines…

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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Conclusion

Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereThe following morning, they all meet up at Brian’s house for breakfast to discuss what happened the night before.

“Opal was killed, but a skillful surgeon, who happened to be there—and one of the chosen—saved her child, Olivander. Luminous nearly turned his back on the babe, but his eldest daughter insisted that he care for the child. It was no fault of the baby that his mother was evil. As he grew, he developed some miraculous gifts, not the least of which were prophetic dreams.”

“How do you know all this?” Brian asked. “I didn’t get that much from Luminous.”

“Virtuous did a lot of talking over the last few days. He was most concerned about your Rider. He had a theory about that too.”

“I’ve been wondering about that,” Andre said. “It seems way too weird that we found that incantation with no real explanation. We assumed it was…

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Character Quotes from The Maker by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageThe Maker is Book 3 in my Lone Wolf sci-fi series

“Good! As I started to say, before you stopped listening to me.” Matilda smiled and the temperature of the room returned to normal. “The Trimagnite seems to intensify telepathic powers. Who needs conduits and circuitry when we have Kindred? Find some good Trimagnite, plug in and send a message back home. Instant communication, easy, no?”

“I’ll be damned, Ben, I think she has an idea.”

“Of course I do. just because you think it’s silly, doesn’t make it less valid.”

“No, babe, it’s anything but silly. It’s brilliant!” Running to her, Wil lifted her up from the desk, spinning her in a tight circle, kissing her soundly. “Fantastic idea! We put it into motion as soon as we can.” He set her down with a little thump.

Turning to Ben, he slapped him hard on the shoulder. “Why didn’t…

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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 55

Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereIt’s finally over and they managed to vanquish Opal. Luminous lingered for a little while, but Brian is back. Tired and hungry, they order pizza and head to Brian’s home to relax. His grandmother is there watching Elise.

“It went well?” Brian’s grandmother asked repeatedly.

“Yes, Mom, it went very well. We’re just so tired. We’re going to eat our pizza and go to sleep,” Maribelle told her, giving her mother a hug.

Annabelle Girard held her daughter close. “I’ve never been so scared. I was afraid we’d lose you all.” She went around the room, hugging and kissing each of them. She would have made a second round, but the pizza arrived.

The boys laughed when they saw that there was a whole pizza for each of them. The others shared. Not to be daunted by the challenge, Sweet and Brian ate every slice of their large pizzas.


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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 54

Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereDr. Meru takes action against Opal, doing his best to destroy her crypt. The others help him. Once her attention is off the parents, they join the battle. Opal leaves Jordan’s body and Brian is able to attack her directly.

Brian jumped off the roof, curling into a ball as he struck the ground. The air left his lungs with a loud oof. Once he was out of the way, Meru advanced on Opal. She bled from half a dozen wounds, her mouth and nose were sealed. Her skin glowed from within with thousands of flickering colored lights. Meru squeezed his hand into a tight fist. The bonds around her tightened. Opal tried to scream, but couldn’t. Writhing against the vines, her screams turned to moans.

Meru slammed his fists together. Opal groaned, shuddering as she staggered. Yanking his fists apart, Meru tore her body in half. It fell…

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Character Quotes from Lord Roeder’s Mine by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageLord Roeder’s Mine is a prequel to the Lone Wolf Series which chronicles the life of Edmund Dulac, Matilda’s father, father before he joins GMS The Flotilla.

Ed was finishing up his second cup of joe when Tarvo walked in. He got himself a cup of joe and an energy bar. He brought them to Ed’s table, sitting down with comfortable familiarity. His long, lean body seemed to bend almost double as he hunched over the table.

“So,” he said with a slow grin. “You did it, you bug assed, metal balled bastard. How the hell do you consistently find the biggest deposits of Trimagnite?”

Ed shrugged, spreading his hands with a grin of his own. “No idea, my friend. It’s a gift.”

“Or a curse,” Tarvo added cynically. He’d been working Trimagnite stations nearly seventeen years. “Why it hasn’t driven you completely, baldfaced crazy, I’ll never know.”


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The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 53

Dellani Oakes

the man who wasnt thereDwight attacks the Rider on Brian’s shoulder, and it drops off, only to grow and become Luminous Cayce. He faces off with Opal, who has come out of the tomb. Unfortunately, Jordan gets too close and Opal manages to grab her.

A black bladed knife appeared in her hand. “Take another step, Luminous, and I’ll end her.”

He paused, considering the situation. “As you wish, Opal.” He stepped back.

“Are you f**king kidding?” Brian had revived. “What’s wrong with you?” He advanced on Luminous. “That’s my future wife that your evil dead bride has at knife point. Do something!”

“I am truly sorry,” Luminous said, grasping Brian by the shirt.

Before they could stop him, his spirit slid into Brian’s body. Opal did the same with Jordan and the two faced off. The blue flames reached for the sky, now encircling only them. Chase no longer controlled the flames, they…

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