Character Quotes from Playground by Dellani

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playground-front“Who’s in charge? I can’t keep having to second guess them and I can’t have that bloody doctor undermining me and Connor. I thought military decisions were Connor’s?” Vik complained.

“They are, but Stan won’t give up command of the telepaths. I’ve tried, Vik. Unless I want to tie him up and put dampeners on him, I have no choice but to allow him to continue. I know it’s not an ideal arrangement….” Wil replied.

“Not ideal?” Vik’s voice rose to a near shriek. “No, it’s just not going to work if he doesn’t allow us to do our jobs. He can be in charge of them all he wants, but he can’t change a direct order like that.”

“So he’s in charge but has no authority?”


Wil stood, shaking his head, a half smile tugging his lips.

Vik’s head drooped forward, and a muffled chuckle was heard. “All…

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Character Quotes from Lone Wolf by Dellani

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character-quotes-imageWil chuckled with relief, taking the box from Caprilla. “Yeah, Cap. We isolated it right as you pulled the plug. From the signature, I’d say it’s Riley’s ghost ship. I don’t know what else to call it. The damn thing doesn’t fit into any known class of ship. It’s like a tweaked yacht.”

Caprilla inclined his head in Wil’s direction, wiggling his ears, his whiskers vibrating indignantly. “Tweaked? What is tweaked? It sounds like something a bird does.”

Wil chuckled at his friend’s consternation. “It means you improve something to make it work better. This is a cross between a luxury yacht and a Stellar Fighter class ship.”

Caprilla looked offended. “I have a Stellar Fighter class ship. This ghost, as you call him, could he take on my ship and survive?”

“I don’t have enough data, but I’d guess that he could take you one on one.”

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Character Quotes from A Tisket, A Tasket; a Miracle, Mississippi Book by Dellani

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character-quotes-imageDo you see anyone else here?”

Blue eyes focused on his face, dark brows were drawn together. “You seeing things again, Casey?”

Be serious. Have I ever given you a reason to think I don’t love you?”

She didn’t answer, too stunned to reply.

Do you think I want to be with some other girl? Do you want to be with another guy?”

I just—it seems weird—don’t you want to be with other girls?”

Why should I? Do you want a different guy?”

Why would you ask me that, Brian. That’s mean!”

You just asked me…. Never mind.”

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Among the Shine Clan – Part 17

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among the shine clan coverStopped in the slow motion field, Fiddlestix can’t attack Pete, until Deacon shoves him into the field, too. She manages to sever his spine with her cyberblade, and Deacon releases her. Together, they join the others, with Pete’s handler console in hand. With it, they gain control of the cyber warriors.

“Still two on the other side,” Fiddlestix yelled as she ran the other direction.

Deacon and Harmony followed in her wake. Deacon told his men to destroy the cyber warriors as he ran after her. Gunfire greeted them at the west gate. Fiddlestix was about to run out when one of Deacon’s men grabbed her. He dragged her back toward Deacon, kicking and punching.

“Whoa!” he yelled. “Don’t go out there. You’ll get caught in a crossfire!”

“I have to shut them down.”

“Your people are out there. We can’t communicate with them. They have the cyber warriors pinned…

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When Tis Done – Part 94

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallUnfortunately, when Jordan and Elise were attacked, David was killed trying to protect them. The Texas and Louisiana members decide they want to go home.

Monday rolled around, but no one felt like celebrating. David’s wake was that evening and his funeral the following day. None of the children went to school on Tuesday. For the second time, Chase’s family got into the black limosine provided by the funeral home, and drove to the church together. This time, it was Neil who verfied that it was his father in the coffin, not Chase. They did the duty together, both keeping the other strong.

David had asked for a small, private ceremony, just family and close friends, but the public wouldn’t stay away. He’d been a part of the Miracle City Council, served on the Board of Education and been a member of the Lion’s Club as well as the VFW…

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When Tis Done – Part 93

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallJian, Lien and their father have been captured. The housekeeper, Su, is their leader. Jian declares that she will come for them. John is for killing the Kitsune, but Brian is reluctant, since they weren’t killed in battle. If he kills them now, it will feel like murder.

“I understand. Simply laying the option out there.”

“Thank you. The question remains of where to put them.”

“Here,” Neil said, gesturing. “We can contain them in solidified air and disappear them. Simple enough to do.”

“Not for me,” Brian remarked, somewhat annoyed that he’d never been taught.

“Maybe it’s time you learned,” Neil replied. “I never saw anyone better at that than my old man. How is Dad?” he asked the group.

No one spoke, no one would meet his eyes.

“No,” he whispered. “Tell me…. Why are we standing around?”

“He tried to help me and Elise,” Jordan said softly…

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When Tis Done – Part 92

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallBrian realizes that the fight with Jian and his father was a distraction. Racing back to the house, he finds that Jordan and Elise are gone, taken to the river by Lien. Just as they take her out, they are greeted by Jordan’s brother, Scott.

“Good bind her well with ropes of air,” Scott said.

“Kinda harsh,” Caleb began.

Scott glared at him. “Kid, I don’t know you, but I assure you, it’s the only thing that will hold her. Brian.”

Doing as instructed, Brian lashed Lien with air. Lifting her to his shoulder, he carried her back to the house. She woke and tried to get free, but Caleb clunked her again, knocking her out once more. When they were back at the clearing, the found that Jian and Fēng were in the fire pit, also bound by air.

She hugged her brother almost fiercely. “Where is everyone?” she…

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When Tis Done – Part 91

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallThe battle has begun in earnest, dividing their forces.

Sweet threw water on him and his flaming knives, using the wave to flatten him. Surprised, Brian grinned. Fēng took another run at him and met his own wall of water. Brian simply took Sweet’s and diverted it. Gasping and sodden, he stood his ground. Jian regrouped, but Caleb and Sweet lashed him with bands of fire and air, slowly dragging him to the ground. Earth rose once more, called by Brian. This time, he solidified it by baking it with fire.

Fēng stood there, panting and shivering. Sweet swirled water around him, pulling it into snug tendrils, then froze it. With the two of them subdued, the four youths took a moment to catch their breath. It took only a couple seconds for Brian to realize that they weren’t fighting on purpose. Had they wanted to, both were strong enough…

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When Tis Done – Part 90

Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done cover smallNot only is Chase attacked, Marissa’s mother, as well as Jackie and Maribelle, have been hit. Elise, cradled in her mother’s arms, doesn’t seem to be harmed, but Claude checks her anyway.

“She’s fine. Take her inside. Jordan, you stay with her. Neil, help Marissa get Chase in the shed. Brian, go get your father.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Where is your father?” Claude looked around, realizing that there should be more people around. “Oh, sweet Jesus….”

Brian did as he was told. Jordan followed, taking the baby up to the master bedroom. She locked the door after Brian left. Terrified, she said every prayer she could think of, for Elise, herself and the others. There should have been more activity. The house was too quiet. Where were the others? She was anxious, wanting to know, but took her duty to care for Elise very seriously. After all, this was her future…

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Character Quotes from Christmas and a Vampire by Dellani

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character-quotes-image“You can pretend that you aren’t lonely, Rafaela. But I know you are. Hell, I’m lonely too. What you do is far harder than what I do. I survive, even lead a fairly comfortable existence from time to time. But you—my love…. You work so hard, hunting a race who wish only to coexist.”

Rafaela’s face had softened as he spoke, but when he said this last, her expression hardened once more.

“You say that after you devoured my little sister in her sleep? After you ripped out the throat of my brother and turned my parents? You attacked and killed half my family, the other half you turned into monsters like yourself. That is not peaceful coexistence.”

“I didn’t say it was peaceful.” He smirked, raising an eyebrow.

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