Raven Willoughby – Origins ~ A Fantasy by Dellani Oakes – Part 6

Dellani Oakes

“Do you know what I want?” she snapped.

“Yes.” At least he hoped he did.

“Do you know how? Or shall I kill you now?”

“I’ll do my best, my sultry vixen. Please, allow me to live, so I may pleasure you.” Nipping her body, he allowed his mouth to drift lower.

Osceola gasped, writhing beneath him, as he continued his erotic ministrations.

She tasted like wild honey and he lapped at her hungrily, savoring her sweetness. Waves of desire coursed through him, more powerful than any he had ever felt before. He wanted her more than he could possibly have imagined.

Unbidden, fangs descended, raking against her skin, leaving tiny drops of dark blue blood in their wake. It seemed hours that she writhed and bucked beneath him, howling her pleasure. Finally, with a mighty roar, he reached completion. He bit her throat, drinking deeply of her sweet, dark…

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Raven Willoughby – Origins ~ A Fantasy by Dellani Oakes – Part 4

Dellani Oakes

“I’m full blooded Native,” he stated proudly. “My people have shifted shape for longer than they can remember. I can change as I wish, into any creature I wish. I like the boar best. Payter changes on the full moon only. And now you.” He shook his head. “What I can’t figure, is how the beast got loose and attacked. If he’s like me, he had control. If he was like Payter, he shouldn’t have changed when he did. Something set him off….” Shaking his head again, he shrugged. “I wish I knew. I suspected he’d gotten you. You smell different. But you don’t smell like a shifter, not exactly. Do you remember anything more about what happened?”

Raven closed his eyes, trying to relax. He cast back to the night, just over a week ago, when all hell had broken loose.

“I was sleeping in my berth, the sea…

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Raven Willoughby – Origins ~ A Fantasy by Dellani Oakes – Part 3

Dellani Oakes

“Then you’d best be heading on, as quick as may be,” Micah said. “That ship will fail to arrive and someone might come looking. You need to be away from here, and on your way.”

“He can’t leave yet,” Payter stated adamantly. “He’s not strong enough.”

Micah’s dark eyed gaze turned to Payter. His heavy jaw clenched, but he said nothing. The two men stared at one another for well over a minute. They seemed to communicate in silence, though their faces betrayed their emotions. Payter was stubborn, sticking up for Raven. Micah was just as stubbornly wanting him gone.

“When I am able to walk on my own, more than a step or two, I’ll leave gladly, putting this place far behind me. You have my word.”

“How do we know your word is good?” Micah demanded.

“You’ll have to trust me. If I betray your trust, you’ll kill…

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Character Quotes from Tisket a Tasket – A Miracle, Mississippi Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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“So, why were you late?” Chase, Brian’s best friend asked. He was eating a second slice of cake.

“Last minute meeting with the debate coach,” Brian said. “He thinks I should put in for a scholarship.”

“Who goes to college on a debate scholarship?” Chase snorted, shaking his head. As a football player, he considered academics as less than worthy pursuits.

“People who are smarter than you,” Jordan snapped, taking his cake away.

“Hey! Jordan! I’m sorry. Can I have my cake back?”

“Just because you’re not smart enough to get a debate scholarship doesn’t mean that they aren’t cool.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry, Brian. I think that would be super cool.”

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Character Quotes from Raven Willoughby: Origins ~ A Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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“I need the blades dipped in purest silver.”


“Immediately. I’ll wait.”

“This could compromise the blades. The heat—”

“These blades are heat tempered. I very much doubt I need to worry. I’m most interested in the tip being serviceable.”

“May one inquire?” he left the question hanging.

“I hear the dead walk the docks at night. As I have business interests there, some of which may take place after dark, I wish to be armed.”

“I see. What manner of business….” He snapped his lips shut. “Not my affair.”

“Hunting,” Raven growled, chuckling. It was a very disturbing sound, even to his ears.

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – part 44

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Fiddlestix and her companions arrive to find that the Harlich compound has been attacked by the Château Noir. She kills a cybered soldier who was fighting one of the Harlich men.

“Hannah,” he sighed, sliding to the ground. It was Dirk.

Running up to him, she assessed his wounds. He was bleeding heavily from the shoulder. The cyber soldier got another bullet in the head, effectively ending his military career. She bound up his shoulder wound, quick and ugly, but it would stop the bleeding.

Loki’s voice crackled in her ear. “I’m at your six. What’s up?”

“Trouble. Hurry.”

In seconds he was at her side. Together, using hand signals, they moved around the encampment. There were no other signs of violence.

“Where are they all?” Loki whispered.

Fiddlestix shrugged, motioning him to follow her. They ran to the front gate. Here it looked like a war zone. More bodies…

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Character Quotes from Reality Bites ~ A Suspenseful Fantasy by Dellani Oakes

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“I don’t want you traveling alone. Could one of your friends go with you?”

“I’ll ask. If they don’t have plans….”

“If they do, maybe someone from the studio?”

“I have a personal assistant. I’ll see if she can. Or I’ll hire someone.”

“Good. I want confirmation of a companion before you board that plane.”

“I promise. I’ll have someone go with me.”

“Go with you where?” David asked as he walked in.

“Home to see Mom.”

“I don’t want him traveling alone.”

“I’ll go. I want to see your mom, anyway. It’s not like I’ve got a full social calendar.”

“That would be great,” Jason said. “Thanks, man.”

“You’re welcome. You’ll have to introduce me to your best looking friends, when we get there.”

“Oh, I get it. You don’t give a shit about me, you just wanna get laid.”

David waved his hands, buzzing his lips. “Well, duh!…

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – part 38

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among the shine clan cover smallDeacon suggests that they send help the the Harlichs before they ask for it. He doesn’t want to get there too late.

“They’re our allies, Mac. I’ve already spoken to the folks in Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. The Carolina Clans will be getting back to me later. I propose to send members of all the Clans, under the leadership of a Shine Clan member.”

“Who is this ally, General?” MacGregor was going to get answers before he committed himself or his people.

“They’re Hannah’s people by rite of birth, the Harlichs.”

Stunned silence echoed this pronouncement. Amber looked horrified. MacGregor blinked rapidly, apparently confused by this pronouncement.

“I’ve heard of them, all right,” he managed to say, quietly easing back in his seat. “Didn’t know they were friends of yours.”

“Allies, Owaine. Unfortunately, there’s a group of criminals who are encroaching on their territory.”

“And why are we supposed to…

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Among the Shine Clan by Dellani Oakes – part 35

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among the shine clan cover smallFiddlestix has the troubling thought that maybe Varin’s motivation for finding his wife is because he wants revenge against her. She goes to Deacon and Jasper with her concerns.

“I think,” Jasper rubbed his nose with the back of one hand, “that before you come in here or make any calls, we need to debug you and your pals.”He even spoke in a slow, Southern drawl.

“Debug?” Deacon was incredulous.

“Anything you were wearing or had with you, even your sidearms. It all needs to get scanned. You aren’t coming in this room without you do that, Hannah.”

“Jasper, come on!” Deacon was incredulous.

Jasper’s dark eyes riveted his older brother. “You put me in charge of communications security for a reason, Deacon. Don’t make me remind you why.”

“He’s right, Deacon,” Fiddlestix said, her natural paranoia kicking into high gear.

The only person Fiddlestix had ever met more wary…

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First Meeting from Christmas and a Vampire ~ A Paranormal Romance by Dellani Oakes

Dellani Oakes

Christmas and a Vampire coverThis isn’t a first meeting in the purest sense of the term. In fact, it’s safe to say, it’s probably more like the hundredth. Rafaela DeSantos and Dirk Young aren’t a typical couple. Why? Because he’s a vampire and she’s a vampire hunter. They’ve met many times, and it doesn’t always go well. Rafaela’s job is to kill vampires. Dirk’s job, as he sees it, is to turn more, so she has job security. They shouldn’t fall in love, but by some quirk of fate, they do. They haven’t seen one another for some time, when she stumbles upon his lair.

The hungry orange tendrils leaped higher, igniting the centerpiece—three crucified vampires, each with a stake through the heart. Rafaela De Santos stood back to admire her work. Good lines, perfect symmetry, clearly delineated purpose. It was downright festive with the bright splashes of red everywhere. Icicles hanging from the…

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