Dellani Oakes

When Tis Done coverBrian and Jordan walk back to his house and spot Jian and his father in a car out front. They call the police, hoping that the Fēngs won’t attack an officer. Unfortunately, they do. Brian rushes out to help. Jordan arms herself with a bag of blessed salt and a silver candlestick. Brian fights Jian as Jordan confronts Mr. Fēng.

Gasping and gagging, Ellen tried to catch her breath. She staggered into Mr. Fēng as he tried to rush at Jordan, knocking him back a step. Feeling stronger, she pulled her nightstick and whacked him with it to get his attention.

Snarling, Mr. Fēng turned on her once more. “Didn’t you get enough the first time?”

Smack! she hit him again.

By this time, Jordan heard sirens approaching from both directions. Seconds before the cop cars showed up, her father and Miles rolled up in the Barrett’s car. They…

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